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Many of you have asked for it and we’re happy to say that we’re finally starting to invite the first customers to use it: the Propeller support portal.

With the portal you can create all your questions, improvements, bugs and requests while also seeing the status of all open tickets. In the overview you can find all communication around the tickets and you can see tickets (and their status) that your colleague might have filed in the portal. So there is always an up-to-date and complete overview in just a few clicks. 

We start with a select group of 5 customers to test and optimize it and if everything works well then we’ll start to invite all customers in April and May. With that invitation you’ll find more detailed information. 

In the meantime we’ve also welcomed 3 new support-colleagues in February and March, so we can further improve the speed of handling all of your questions.

Ben Claassen – Director Services

Support Portal
Team Lead Support Services


My name is Eddie and I’m the Teamlead of Support. Within Propeller we have a great Support team that is available to support you (our customers) on a daily basis. I have worked in Support roles for many years and really enjoy helping you out on being successful with our E-commerce platform. In my spare time I really like watching football and traveling, my favorite destination: Brazil.

Eddie Lead Support
Customer Service


My name is Predrag and I am your newest Support Specialist at Propeller. Having worked as a Support Agent in the past, you could definitely say that I really enjoy helping people and resolving any issues that might occur. Also currently a Computer Science student, I am very interested in technology and eager to learn anything new thrown my way. Do not hesitate to ask me anything as I will always do my best to assist you.

Predrag Support
Customer Service


I am a support specialist with a background in English language and literature. Fascinated by the IT world and its rapid growth, I have found my place as the link between developers and customers using her communication skills and acquired technical knowledge. I am a cat lover who enjoys spending time in nature.

Customer Service


I joined Propeller last year and with a background of 16 years in software development and 15 years in support, I hope to contribute to the Propeller support team. In support, you see how our web shop is used and it gives a lot of satisfaction to help our customers, to get the most out of the web shop. We have a great team and it is really fun to work within this growing company.

Customer Service


Hi! I’m Nikica and I am a recent addition to the support team in Propeller. In a nutshell, a communicative and creative person, who is always eager to improve, grow and take chances. For me, the joy of support is the feeling of turning someone’s frustration into a sigh of relief!

Nikica support
Customer Service


Hey there wanderer! You’ve just unlocked a side quest: meet your support team. I love sports, I ski casually, and I love gaming. Along with my colleagues, I will make sure your business is continuously growing, with my previous experience in supporting a huge university campus, I will make sure all your troubles are a thing of the past.

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