Your platform is one of a kind

The core of your platform consists of solid B2B functions who just do their job. We will configure your unique added value upon this foundation. Integrations with ERP, PSP’s, suppliers, third party tools, market places.


Market places

Propeller is a hub en gives you access to all kinds of market places
skross propeller


Universal charging possibilities for globe trotters.
exertis propeller


The largest range of business communication tools, collaboration solutions, AV and security & network products.
Intronics propeller


Intronics specializes in the development and supply of connectivity solutions.


Integrating your ERP system gives customers direct insight into the correct price lists and real-time stocks. Everything to allow your customer to order quickly and error-free.


Propeller integrates with the most widely used Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) systems. Use customer data for personalized campaigns and quotes.

Payment Providers

Propeller works with all mayor payment providers.

GraphQL API for expanding your vision

Propellor is the first in the industry to have a full GraphQL API
(the successor to REST), with which customers or an implementation partner
each part can adapt and expand without compromising stability
comes into danger. As a customer, you always have control over future expansions.

api first headless propeller


With the OCI integration, a customer can place an order without it being ordered and processed immediately. After the customer has automatically logged in to the webshop via his own ERP system, the customer orders in your webshop. After this, the order will be sent directly back to the customer’s ERP system where it is checked by another department if needed.

As soon as this has been done, the order is immediately processed, the invoicing is prepared and forwarded to the supplier; all automatically of course.

oci integration by propeller
Customer story

ARAS Security; Digital Self-service Portals

Aras Mockup
aras security propeller commerce
“Customers can now order directly from their own ERP system on our website, the ideal way of least resistance” Julius Faber Commercial Director
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