Save and come back

Save your work to pick it up later. When it is more convenient for your customer or yourself.

Version control

Collaborate with customers and colleagues to configure their orders and go back to a previous version if needed.

Visual configuration

CPQ visualization updates in real-time as customers choose different product options.

One-Click Reorders

Let customers make repeat and recurring orders in seconds using purchase history.

Multiple stores

Control multiple commerce stores from one central admin panel. Cross-border, multi-currency, different regulations, and languages.

Roles, Budget & Permissions

Build rules to ensure that buyers and internal employees only have access to the products that make sense. Set budget caps if needed and approval flows.

Personalized Catalogs

Display products based on customer preference, business unit, purchase history, availability, and more.

Analysis & Profiling

Discover patterns in customer behavior and build profiles. Experiment with campaigns and optimize your conversion.

Tailor-made offers

Use the order history and behavior of your customers to automatically and dynamically match your offers.

Suggestive search results

Your customers will quickly find your products, with suggestive search results.


Address the specific needs of your customers. Increase your relevance by segmenting these customers based on their characteristics.


Make your communication personal. Leverage the data in Propeller to create unique experiences. On scale.


Show your customers relevant recommendations. Automatically or manual. Accessoiries, Related products, frequently bought together, etc

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