Propeller features



Offerte Editor

Digital quotation tool for sales organization that provides real-time insight into all data about customer-specific pricing and stock

Campaign Manager

Automation tooling that uses all data from the Digital Commerce Platform and results in higher sales conversions.


Set up automatic messages based on triggers.

Email templates

Select a email template for every purpose

CRM integration

Connect your CRM and develop pipelines and 36o° views off your customers


Provide customers an incentive to buy, both new and returning customers

Cross- and Upselling

Present accessories, add-ons, and extra’s in your pages, emails, and quotes automatically

Multi Brand

One back-end linked to multiple “branded” front-ends.

D2C Design

Design aimed at providing content to consumers and professionals instead of hard conversion

Local store finder

Let your consumers and professionals find your nearest resellers

Unlimited amount of B2B, B2C, D2C channels

Different business logics and different websites are built on top of the Propeller commerce platform. Providing every customer just what he needs.

Flexible and seamless customer experience

Headless commerce is an unlimited kind of flexibility. You can provide seamless omnichannel experiences fast and consistently.

Save and come back

Save your work to pick it up later. When it is more convenient for your customer or yourself.

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