Rules and Actions

Avoid presenting your customers with wrong information. With rules & actions you have a scalable automated solution to get it always right.

Product clusters

Let your customers configure their products, while managing these variants in your PIM


Propeller is always connected with suppliers and establishes relationships between all products in your catalog. This automatically strengthens cross and upselling.

Customer specific agreements

Cater to the specific needs of every customer. Specific pricing, catalog, budgets, authorization.

Digital self-service portals

Every B2B customer gets his own portal, specific prices, own catalog. For self-service commerce, overviews, FAQ’s, returns.

Analyze Products

Show your customer only relevant products and complete information. Analyze products and attributes and decide data-driven what rules need to apply.

Commercial Product Data

Manageable data that contains all the relevant product attributes for each unique, marketable product in your inventory.

ERP integration

For seamless order processes, real-time accurate data and rich product information Propeller integrates with al mayor ERP systems

Tier pricing

Create unique tier pricing for each customer that automatically adjusts to the quantity or combination of products.

Customer specific pricing

Creating a specific pricing plan for each customer would be a boost to customer loyalty to your store.

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