Let's talk modern B2B commerce

Propeller Headless Commerce Platform in action

We are more than happy to welcome you on the 17th of November. We’ve been working hard to launch our Headless B2B commerce platform & vision and want to give you firsthand the outcome. From strategy sessions to a technical deep-dive (developers). And including our indirect Go To Market model.

On the agenda are both strategic tracks and technical sessions. Pick the ones you’re interested in and let us know!



13.00 – 14.30 hours

  • B2B Commerce Vision Propeller (strategy)
    • Digital Sales Room
    • Pre-built frontstore templates (my account)
    • Accelerators (spare parts management)
  • MACH Architecture (tech-savy)
  • WordPress Plugin (tech-savy)
    The WordPress sites that Can!
    It is possible to build scalable and performing eCommerce experiences using WordPress?

15.00 – 16.30 hours

  • PWA approach to Propeller FE  (tech-savy)
    Jamstacks: Multi-technology Web
    Jamstacks powering Propeller UIs from client projects to our new backoffice applications
  • Deepdive back-end (tech-savy)
    Replatforming: The Propeller Story
    From monolithic to multi-tenant cloud microservices and beyond.
  • Vision Partner Model; (strategy)
    Propellers Go-To-Market strategy

Bites and drinks

17.00 – 19.00 hours Developer Sessions

First of returning pizza/beer sessions about modern technology highlights (Istio, Graph DB, GraphQL, NestJS 9)

  • Practical applications for Graph Databases (tech-heavy)
    Dive into how Propeller effectively utilized Graph DB technology to meet use cases relational DBs couldn’t meet.
  • GraphQL: The Next Federation (tech-heavy)
    Federation is all about the Developer Experience when publishing many APIs

Date and time

November 17 – We start with a walk in lunch at 12.00 hours


Loads Amsterdam
Ms. Tarnweg 10
1033 SK Amsterdam


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