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Digital Commerce

Starter €875
Advanced €1750
Enterprise Custom
Channels (storefront, social, marketplace, PWA)

Multiple sales channels (webshops, portals, social media, PWA) connected to one backend

€250 for every additional channel
€250 for every additional channel
Multi catalogue
Multi -currency
PSP API, Integrate the provider of choice (Multisafepay, Ingenico, Adyen, Mollie, Buckaroo)
Order Management
Order export

Export your orders to any desired system

External order import API

Import orders from your customer's commerce platform

Combined order splitting (supplier)

Automatically buy from multiple suppliers from one sales order

Order splitting ERP (multi accounts)

Export sales orders to multiple administrations in one ERP

Order splitting ERP (multi ERP)

Export sales orders to multiple administrations in multiple ERP systems


EDI Import

2 way OCI
OCI connections
Up to 5
Up to 20
Product Information Management
Up to 25.000
Up to 100.000
Custom Attributes
Up to 10
Up to 30
Multi Catalogue

Combination of products as sales unit

Product clusters

Configurable products

Product configurator

Simple configurations

Catalogue rules

Manage your catalogue with adjustable rules

Catalogue normalisation

Catalogues with overlapping products are converted to a single catalogue with unique products

Product feed

An automatic product feed to resellers from the PIM


Content enrichment

Multiple distributors (normalisation)

Catalogues with overlapping products are converted to a single catalogue with unique products

Up to 3
Up to 5
Customer specific pricing
Up to 1000 customers
Multi dimensional pricesheets

Compile pricesheets based on discount, surcharge, or net agreements for customer groups or customers and combine them

Real time pricing API

Get real-time pricing information from the ERP

Local stock
Multiple warehouses

Automatically select your preferred warehouse

Supplier stock

Automatically select your preferred supplier or own warehouse

Intelligent stock management

Managing direct delivery and back orders (splitting)

Track & Trace API
My Account
My details
My orders
My Addresses
My Authorizations
Manage users
Order lists

Request quotes, but also receive them

Returns API
Data export API

Sales & Marketing

Quatation tool / Sales Portal

Sales and service teams place orders for the customer and prepare quotations and place them in the 'my account' environment

€250 (3 users) + €50 extra users
€500 (10 users) + €30 extra users
€500 (10 users) + €30 extra users
Embedded Third Party CPQ Integration

Complex configurations

Special bid pricing
Take over shopping cart
CRM integration
Intelligent Campaign Manager
€250 + 10.000 emails per month
€250 + 50.000 emails per month
€250 + 100.000 emails per month

Development & Integration

Development & test environment
€250 per environment
€250 per environment
2 included
Third party low code integration platform for custom integrations*

* Licencing of third party tools not included

API calls to the platform
up to 100.000 per month
up to 500.000 per month
up to 1.000.000 per month


Propeller software
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Business hours (same business day)

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