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Order Manager

Digitize and automate your order processing with Propeller.

order manager

Online and offline orders processed flawlessly and quickly

Propeller’s Order Manager takes a lot of work off your hands. By digitizing and automating many processes, we ensure that orders are processed quickly and error-free. This frees up your sales team to spend on sales.

  • Process and manage both your online (e-commerce) orders and your offline (by phone, email or in-person) orders. By processing all your orders in Propeller, you can easily keep an overview and all orders are processed in the same zero-touch manner. Integrated with your ERP, everything is administered directly.
  • Moreover, automated/segmented/personalized, you can inform your customers in a consistent way about the status of their order.
  • Centralized Order Management reduces order conflicts to zero. When multiple order processing flows are applied separately, the risk that a product is no longer available is too great. The systems then purchase separately from each other. Propeller’s Order Manager solves that problem. You always have real-time insight into stocks and current prices.
  • When you process all your orders in Propeller’s Order Manager, you build up a wealth of data. For overviews for the benefit of your customer, but also management information for your own organization. Available at the push of a button.
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Order manager

Zero-Touch Ordering

When your customer places orders, with or without the help of your sales team, they are processed completely digitally. Not only for the sales process, but also for the entire purchasing process.

  • No more administrative actions required for sales and purchasing processes
  • Links with all surrounding systems (ERP, CRM, Service tickets, Engineer Planning)
  • Automated purchasing from own stock and/or from distributors

Not only administrative actions are reduced to zero. The number of incorrect orders will also decrease significantly. In short, cost savings go hand in hand with increased customer satisfaction.<

zero-touch ordering for B2B and D2C

Order Manager Features

Personalized Catalogs

Display products based on customer preference, business unit, purchase history, availability, and more.

Customer specific pricing

Creating a specific pricing plan for each customer would be a boost to customer loyalty to your store.

Customer specific agreements

Cater to the specific needs of every customer. Specific pricing, catalog, budgets, authorization.

One-Click Reorders

Let customers make repeat and recurring orders in seconds using purchase history.

Tailor-made offers

Use the order history and behavior of your customers to automatically and dynamically match your offers.

Analysis & Profiling

Discover patterns in customer behavior and build profiles. Experiment with campaigns and optimize your conversion.

Multiple stores

Control multiple commerce stores from one central admin panel. Cross-border, multi-currency, different regulations, and languages.

Roles, Budget & Permissions

Build rules to ensure that buyers and internal employees only have access to the products that make sense. Set budget caps if needed and approval flows.

Customer story

Digital transformation sales organization PCI

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PCI Nederland printer
“Propeller is a partner who has helped us with the complete digitization of our sales and marketing organization. More than just e-commerce ”
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