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Visual Navigator Spare Parts

Turn your parts catalogs into visual navigation for your webshop:

  • Find the right part immediately
  • Reduce order mistakes to a minimum
  • Optimized conversion

Stop losing money in the order process

The embedded solution of lets you import drawings and parts lists from your parts catalogs and service manuals.

In a highly automated process, it converts the parts catalogs into a user-friendly ordering system. Integrated in Propeller, to keep up-to-date and to link with additional API’s or internal IT.

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Visual Navigator Spare Parts

How does it work? visual configurator spare parts

Import or update thousands of spare parts within days

The visual navigator lets you import drawings and parts lists from your parts catalogs and service manuals.

In a highly automated process, it converts the parts catalogs into a user-friendly ordering system. Integrated into Propeller to keep up-to-date, and to connect with ERP.

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Minimize order mistakes, maximize customer satisfaction

Ordering the right part from a drawing like an exploded view is much easier than ordering from just a photo.

The visual navigator lets your customers zoom & click through the drawings while showing additional part information, so giving them maximum certainty about ordering the right parts.

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Become a preferred supplier to your customers

Spare parts are mainly ordered in situations where there is an immediate need to solve problems as quickly as possible.

When pressure is on, your customers will turn to the most reliable solution for their problem: a user-friendly, up-to-date webshop with a quick path to the right spare part.

1. Setting up

It starts by importing and managing your parts catalogs. Organize your files into folders and add ordering information

2. Import the parts catalogs

Importing the part catalogs is a highly automated process. It automatically analyzes drawings and part lists and converts them into a search and order system.

3. A layer is added to your portals

The visual navigator works as a layer on top of your portals, containing an overview of all your parts catalogs. All products in a parts catalog are shown in a drawing (exploded view) and defined with at least the position number, OEM, and a description.

4. Ordering from an exploded view

The exploded views of your part catalogs are used as a means of navigation. Selecting a part number in the drawing shows additional part information, and by clicking on the shopping basket, the layer closes and redirects the visitor to the order page.


E-commerce Features

B2B selling is really different from selling to consumers. That’s why Propeller has all B2B features you need, built-in the core of the platform.

Personalized Catalogs

Display products based on customer preference, business unit, purchase history, availability, and more.

Customer specific pricing

Creating a specific pricing plan for each customer would be a boost to customer loyalty to your store.

Customer specific agreements

Cater to the specific needs of every customer. Specific pricing, catalog, budgets, authorization.

One-Click Reorders

Let customers make repeat and recurring orders in seconds using purchase history.

Tailor-made offers

Use the order history and behavior of your customers to automatically and dynamically match your offers.

Analysis & Profiling

Discover patterns in customer behavior and build profiles. Experiment with campaigns and optimize your conversion.

Multiple stores

Control multiple commerce stores from one central admin panel. Cross-border, multi-currency, different regulations, and languages.

Roles, Budget & Permissions

Build rules to ensure that buyers and internal employees only have access to the products that make sense. Set budget caps if needed and approval flows.

Customer story

Kaak Group: After Sales Services excellence

Kaak group product
Kaak product
"With Propeller we found a platform that delivers 95% of our requirements as standard and a partner that has extensive experience with complexity." Marcus van Es E-commerce Manager
Read their story

Propeller connects with all relevant systems (internal and external)

A truly successful B2B Commerce platform is the center of your ecosystem. Propeller connects to almost any relevant system. Whether it is your ERP, your warehouse or systems of your suppliers, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) or marketplaces.

Propeller is built to handle the complexity of integrations and automates manual processes. So that everything works streamlined and error-free.

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