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With our cloud-native architecture, we empower you to adapt to changing circumstances immidiately.

What is Cloud-native?

Cloud-Native refers to our services that are built to run in a cloud environment. We do this using containers that can be loaded into a cloud server, just like a game disk is loaded.

A Cloud environment offers unparalleled scalability and performance possibilities, especially for applications with variable server usage, such as e-commerce at peak times.

Outside of the cloud, physical infrastructure must be set up (often purchased) in order to scale up a solution. With the cloud, additional servers can be delivered at the touch of a button and can be downscaled quickly when you’re done, so you only pay for what you use.


Delivering new features fast

Cloud-native development involves automation across the software delivery process. Whether it’s with build automation, test automation, or deployment automation, our software delivery pipeline is faster and more predictable. For you as a customer, this means new features at a high pace.

mach cloud native development process by propeller

Even more reliable

With our cloud-native approach like microservices architecture in the cloud, we can more easily build applications to be fault-tolerant with resiliency and self-healing built-in.

Because of this design, if mistakes are made, we can easily isolate the impact of the incident so it doesn’t take down the entire application. Instead of servers and monolithic applications, cloud-native microservices help to achieve higher uptime and thus further improve the user experience.

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Cloud-native Propeller is enabled with an auto-scale feature to handle continuous changes in your business needs. This enables Propeller to scale up and down again automatically depending on the demand of every customer.

cloud native scalability by propeller
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“Propeller is a partner who has helped us with the complete digitization of our sales and marketing organization. More than just e-commerce ”
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