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Open Saas Platform

Propeller is an open SaaS platform, based on MACH architecture. MACH is an abbreviation of Microservices, API-First, Cloud Native, and Headless Commerce. Techniques that together ensure that the platform can be quickly and easily linked to essential, surrounding systems like CRM, ERP, and CMS/DXP (both internal and external).

Fast and smooth development process

The MACH architecture also speeds up the development process. Furthermore, integrations and testing also run smoothly and quickly. We work with an extensive partner network so that you as a customer get more flexibility and freedom of choice when developing and customizing your platform.

You can select a party that best suits your organization and that supports you optimally.

Cloud Native

Scalable and flexible

Our architecture makes Propeller scalable and flexible, so you can quickly anticipate changing markets and new technological developments.

Adding new functionalities and integrating external applications into our commerce platform is done in no time at all. All this while you can count on our state-of-the-art, stable running back-end B2B platform. Stability, flexibility, and creativity go hand in hand here.

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Microservices split monolithic applications into “bite-sized chunks” that perform smaller sets of functions. These services are more easily created, maintained and improved as they themselves have lower complexity and simpler structure.

  • Microservices allow Propeller to scale directly with your growth
  • With microservices, you can select the best tool for the job
  • With microservices, you can more easily decide between build/buy/integrate
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An API-first architecture speeds up the development process because APIs are modular and reusable. This means Propeller can anticipate immediately to changing markets, your business opportunities, or new technical requirements.

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Cloud Native

Cloud-native development involves automation across the software delivery process. Whether it’s with build automation, test automation, or deployment automation, our software delivery pipeline is faster and more predictable. For you as a customer, this means new features at a high pace.

mach cloud native development process by propeller


Until recently, developers and marketeers were often at odds when selecting a B2B platform. If you opted for high-end technology on the back end, marketeers often complained about a spartan CMS they had to work with. And the fancy CMS they knew from the B2C market did not work well with the complex back end in the B2B segment.

With Headless Commerce, those two sides are disconnected and linked via an API, allowing B2B customers to have a B2C experience as well. Best-of-breed of both, flexible and stable.

Happy marketeer, happy developer, happy dealer, happy customer.

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