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Direct-to-Consumer for B2B & B2C brands

Adapt to customer expectations and strengthen your relationship with your resellers with a balanced D2C (Direct to Consumer) strategy.

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Choose a commerce platform that strengthens your Direct to Consumer strategy

It is a big step for a B2B or B2C company to approach consumers directly. The degree of success depends on many factors, but also on the commerce platform you choose.

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One back-end for B2B and D2C

Propeller is a commerce platform, in which you can manage both your B2B and D2C with one back-end. For Both e-commerce and offline B2B sales.

Headless commerce

With Propeller’s headless commerce platform, you have complete freedom to choose the content management system that suits you best. Or a different one for each target group.

Sell directly on marketplaces

The D2C platform where you can work with any desired marketplace such as Marktplaats.nl, Bol.com and Amazon. Add a store locator to help customers find the nearest retailer.

Start selling directly on Social Media

Unlock many new sales channels. Such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Google Shopping. This is possible through headless commerce.

Our approach to a successful D2C model

By selling directly to consumers you get a lot of data. All this data is stored in one central place, giving you real-time insights, from all channels. This gives your experts the tools to create perfectly targeted marketing campaigns.

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Help your B2B dealers sell more

Share insights you build through your online interactions with consumers also with your dealers. Entice new customers to buy locally with a store locator.

One platform

Avoid extra costs and complexity by not working with different systems (webshops and portals). Work from one back-end – integrated with your ERP – other core systems and multiple front-ends.

Personalized campaigns

Your marketing & sales teams have the data to experiment on conversion. Make A/B tests and gain insight into the search & buying behavior of consumers and with that increase cross- and upselling.

Use a design that fits your purpose

Think carefully about which type of design you choose, because this determines the identity you want to radiate. With the right design, you increase the chance that you will attract the customers who are looking for your product or service.

Let the design speak for your purpose. Do you want to let customers order directly, inform as much as possible or offer an excellent service?

Conversion oriented

Your product is clearly visible and easy to order. As a result, the conversion rate is high.

Content oriented

Inform customers about all aspects of your products. For example with blogs, tutorials, manuals and reviews. This way they always order the right product and you avoid crowds at your support team.

Service oriented

Give customers the service they need to keep them coming back. Let consumers fall in love with your brand and build brand loyalty with existing customers.


The first platform that makes both marketers and developers happy

Until recently, developers and marketers were often standing against each other when selecting a commerce platform. If you chose high-end technology at the back-end, marketers often complained that they had to work with a Spartan CMS at the front. And the fancy CMSs they knew from the B2C market didn’t mix well with the complex back-end in the B2B segment.

With Headless Commerce, those two sides are disconnected and connected via an API, giving B2B customers a B2C experience as well. The best-of-breed of both worlds, flexible and stable.

So choose your favorite CMS. It doesn’t matter whether that is WordPress, Contentful, Storyblok or another CMS. Propeller connects with any CMS.

Marketer happy, developer happy, dealer happy, consumer happy.

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B2B and B2C Features

Propeller is the core B2B e-commerce. That means that typical B2B and D2C functionalities are built into the core of the platform. PIM, campaign management, customer intelligence, pricing, and order management for B2B organizations.

D2C Design

Design aimed at providing content to consumers and professionals instead of hard conversion

Unlimited amount of B2B, B2C, D2C channels

Different business logics and different websites are built on top of the Propeller commerce platform. Providing every customer just what he needs.

Local store finder

Let your consumers and professionals find your nearest resellers

Guest Check-out

Let consumers order without having to create an account first.

Multi Brand

One back-end linked to multiple “branded” front-ends.

ERP integration

For seamless order processes, real-time accurate data and rich product information Propeller integrates with al mayor ERP systems

Multiple stores

Control multiple commerce stores from one central admin panel. Cross-border, multi-currency, different regulations, and languages.

Personalized Catalogs

Display products based on customer preference, business unit, purchase history, availability, and more.


Do you want to see our D2C capabilities in action?

We would gladly show how Propeller accelerates your (D2C) business. We will focus on your challenges and how Propeller will address them.

  • We deal with the functionalities that are most important for you;
  • We demonstrate how we streamline your platform and processes;
  • We show how you can personalize your customer portals;
  • And we answer all your personal questions about Propeller.

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Customer story

EUROstyles D2C strategy strengthens relationship with B2B partners

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Vitalstyle product
"In Propeller we found the commerce platform that enables us to shape our D2C and B2B strategy, where we manage all shops with one back-end." Jan Tijdelijk CEO
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