EUROstyles D2C strategy strengthens relationship with B2B partners

"In Propeller we found the commerce platform that enables us to shape our D2C and B2B strategy, where we manage all shops with one back-end."

The Challenge

On the one hand, EUROstyle had the challenge of having to move to a multi-brand strategy due to government regulation. On the other hand, the ambition to grow internationally by creating greater consumer awareness, without putting pressure on the relationship with retailers.

The Result

Different front ends have been designed from one back-end. Multi Brand & Multi language B2C web shops as well as a B2B dealer environment.

A content-focused design has been created, in which, in addition to providing advice, many tips & inspiration are also provided to consumers and professionals. However, they are tempted to buy products locally from resellers.

Vitalstyle mockup
Vitalstyle mockup
6 Channels
D2C Design
B2B Functions

Used features and services

Multi Brand

One back-end linked to multiple “branded” front-ends.

D2C Design

Design aimed at providing content to consumers and professionals instead of hard conversion

Local store finder

Let your consumers and professionals find your nearest resellers

Digital self-service portals

Every B2B customer gets his own portal, specific prices, own catalog. For self-service commerce, overviews, FAQ’s, returns.

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About EUROstyle

When nature is in balance, everybody benefits from healthy crops, flourishing plants, and green lawns, as well as lively and vigorous livestock and happy pets. This is the philosophy of the family-owned EUROstyle Group. The EUROstyle portfolio services both gardening consumers and animal lovers as well as professional users in agriculture, horticulture, cattle breeding, and dairy farming.


HQ Oosterwolde (Netherlands)


Animal food & Gardening


leading positions and a local presence in all of its focus markets.

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