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Fully integrated Embedded Solutions

Propeller integrates with all your favorite tools. CRM, ERP, CMS, RMA, Ticket systems.

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Propeller is the heart of your ecosystem and integrates easily with essential systems and tools of your choice. For example, you can think of your CRM, ERP, CMS, but also systems of your suppliers, marketplaces, Payment Solution Providers, or data from your own warehouse. That integration is done using GraphQL API (the successor to REST), which allows you and implementation partners to customize and extend any component without compromising stability.

With the embedded CPQ solution (Configure, Price, Quote) you improve the customer experience and accelerate your sales. Propeller works by default with the embedded solution from Quootz. But if you prefer to work with another CPQ tool, we will integrate it into your Propeller environment. This also applies to the choice of a CMS. Default is chosen for WordPress, but any other content management system or sales channels such as Google Shopping, Instagram, or Facebook is no problem. Or opt for multiple front-ends for specific B2B shops, customer-specific portals, a separate webshop for consumers, and/or shops focused on one brand. Using voice control or Augmented Reality? Everything is possible!

We connect your desired front-end(s) to our state-of-the-art back-end using APIs. With our Headless Commerce platform, you can maintain all your channels. International, multi-brand, B2B, D2C, or B2C.

Another handy embedded solution is Visual Navigator Spare Parts, where you present your spare parts in a clear manner using technical drawings (exploded views). Your customers can find and order their spare parts quickly and easily via a user-friendly online ordering environment and you reduce the chance of errors. Finally, you make better, data-driven decisions, increase your customer base and build long-term customer relationships using the embedded Business Intelligence tool.


Improve the customer experience and accelerate your sales with CPQ

With the embedded CPQ solution in Propeller, you provide your customers and sales teams the tools to configure products to meet their specific needs. This saves time, errors, and confusion between your customer and sales, but also between different departments within your organization.

With our solution for CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote):

  • Are your customers in control;
  • You reduce the time from lead to order;
  • Your quotes are always correct
cpq by propeller

Explore your creativity with your own CMS

Until recently, developers and marketeers were often at odds when selecting a B2B platform. If you opted for high-end technology on the back end, marketeers often complained about a spartan CMS they had to work with. And the fancy CMS they knew from the B2C market did not work well with the complex back end in the B2B segment.

With Headless Commerce, those two sides are disconnected and linked via an API, allowing B2B customers to have a B2C experience as well. Best-of-breed of both, flexible and stable.

Happy marketeer, happy developer, happy dealer, happy customer.


Maximum freedom with WordPress as your CMS

With Propeller you can choose which CMS you use. All Propeller functionalities are then called via our API.

WordPress is by far the most used CMS at the moment and has a lot of useful features. Marketers like to work with WordPress, because the content management system is very extensive, it is also user-friendly and you don’t have to code anything yourself.

Templates are easy to customize and new functionality is added quickly.


Visual Navigator Spare Parts

The embedded solution of Spareparts.One lets you import drawings and parts lists from your parts catalogs and service manuals.

In a highly automated process, it converts the parts catalogs into a user-friendly ordering system. Integrated in Propeller, to keep up-to-date and to link with additional API’s or internal IT.

visual navigator spare parts

Business Intelligence

Perform advanced customer segmentation based on customer interests and purchase data. This allows you to create customized customer journeys and apply personalization in the design of your B2B webshop, with, for example, tailor-made product promotions and targeted discounts.

business intelligence tools and propeller

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