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The B2B commerce solution for all online and offline transactions

With Propeller you provide your customers with all typical B2B commerce functions that they need while aligning your digital self-service portals with face-to-face or remote sales activities.

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Digitize all your buyer-seller interactions

Seamlessly merge e-commerce and offline sales. Because offline deals are handled online and online purchases are regularly followed up offline.

Self-service Portals

Let customers order in their my account environment and arrange everything themselves.

self-service portal
Provide the ability to make self-service online purchases

Make it easy for your customer with B2B commerce features, such as fast (re)orders, contract prices, custom catalogs and more.

Customers can easily request quotes online

Customers put together a quote request in their own B2B commerce environment and find your proposal in my account.

'Advanced Pricing' makes your B2B pricing simple

Pas meerdere B2B pricing modellen toe, zoals klant specifieke en actie-gerichte prijzen en bepaal de hiërarchie hiertussen.

All your services available in the portal

Customers see their order history, billing overviews, services purchased, favorites and order lists.

Sales Portal

As a sales team, compile quotes faster and easier with digital B2B commerce tools for sales and services organizations.

Digitize offline orders instantly

Order digitally for the customer and confirm the order in his my account.

Compile all quotations digitally

Digitize the quotation and negotiation process, including manager approval. Present the proposal to the customer in his my account.

Immediate insight into the status of quotations and orders

View all new requests and outstanding quotes. Stay informed of all online and offline orders.


From traffic to turnover via B2B commerce webshops, marketplaces and social media. International, multi-currency, multi-brand.

B2B sales made easy

With our B2B commerce solution you exceed the expectations of your customers and increase your turnover.

Attract more visitors and book more turnover

Best in class B2B Commerce tools for lead generation and conversion maximization.

Make B2B commerce personal

With personalized buying experiences you ensure that customers keep coming back.

Open Saas Platform, based op MACH architecture

Propeller is an open SaaS platform, based on MACH architecture. MACH is an abbreviation of Microservices, API-First, Cloud Native and Headless Commerce. Techniques that together ensure that the platform can be quickly and easily linked to essential, surrounding systems (both internal and external).

  • Headless Commerce; manage various B2B & D2C & B2C shops from one back-end and your favorite CMS.
  • API first; Robust integrations with critical applications, suppliers and (r)e-tailers.
  • The B2B commerce platform is easy to expand and customize with this architecture.
3rd party

Connect to anything

Zero-touch import & export order process. From consumer to retailer, manufacturer and supplier. CRM and ERP always up-to-date with APIs from Propeller’s B2B commerce platform.


Integrate with suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and own warehouse.

Enrich products with catchy content

Propeller integrates with content providers for up-to-date rich and distinctive content.

Keep everything up to date with supplier product feeds

With our APIs, Propeller’s B2B commerce platform keeps prices, product and inventory information from all suppliers up-to-date.

Forward orders zero-touch to suppliers

Export orders automatically to suppliers via API link or CSV file.

(R)E-tailers & distributors

Automatically distribute product feeds and import orders with Propeller’s API-first platform.

Retailer b2b commerce by Propeller
Automatically book orders from the (r)e-tailer's webshop

Import orders from retailers with the portal, CSV file or API link.

Share product information real-time with customers

Let (r)e-tailers retrieve product information from the PIM for their own webshop.

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A demo based on your business case.

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Critical Applications

Bring all B2B Commerce data together with one connected commerce back-end.

Kritische applicaties
Work effortlessly with ERP & CRM systems

Integrate any ERP and CRM system from our API-first platform. If necessary, you integrate multiple ERP systems.

Provide customers with useful 3rd party applications

Give customers the best customer experience with all service applications in a single portal.

With Propeller’s integration platform it is easy to connect new applications.


B2B Features

Propeller is pure B2B e-commerce. That means that typical B2B functionalities are built into the core of the platform. No plug-ins are needed for, for example, PIM, Campaign Management, Customer Intelligence, Pricing, Quotation for B2B and D2C applications.

ERP integration

For seamless order processes, real-time accurate data and rich product information Propeller integrates with al mayor ERP systems

Customer specific pricing

Creating a specific pricing plan for each customer would be a boost to customer loyalty to your store.


Make your communication personal. Leverage the data in Propeller to create unique experiences. On scale.

Customer specific agreements

Cater to the specific needs of every customer. Specific pricing, catalog, budgets, authorization.

Digital self-service portals

Every B2B customer gets his own portal, specific prices, own catalog. For self-service commerce, overviews, FAQ’s, returns.


Manage the translations of all product data in a well-organized manner, via classifications, descriptions and product characteristics, even units.

Payment providers

Use the payment providers that fit your needs and the needs of your customers.

OCI Roundtrips

An Open Catalog Interface (OCI) allows your customers to search and order products from their ERP.

Unlimited amount of B2B, B2C, D2C channels

Different business logics and different websites are built on top of the Propeller commerce platform. Providing every customer just what he needs.

Personalized Catalogs

Display products based on customer preference, business unit, purchase history, availability, and more.


Show your customers relevant recommendations. Automatically or manual. Accessoiries, Related products, frequently bought together, etc

Commercial Product Data

Manageable data that contains all the relevant product attributes for each unique, marketable product in your inventory.

Customer story

Repairs, new products and refurbished in one shop for UNIS Group

Unis mockup
“With Propeller we finally found a platform that could handle our complexity. New products, refurbished and repairs. Available in 23 countries.”
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