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With Propeller, you have all the tools at your disposal to optimally support your customers during the entire lifecycle of products.

Whether you communicate with your customer online or offline, Propeller accelerates your business.

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Give your customers what they need

B2B buyers aren’t just moving to omnichannel. They’ve arrived. Given the choice of in-person, remote, and e-commerce channels, purchasers have shown they want them all. McKinsey

Propeller’s portals provide a clear overview of customer- and machine-specific configurations and the right quotations. Navigating has never been easier, so you’ll find all relevant information, including spare parts, in no time at all. Provide your customers with a service-oriented and fault-tolerant ordering platform.

With Propeller, you have the tools to optimally serve your customers, online, remote, and in-person.


Digitize your (after) sales organization

Simple orders and low-end services are often done online, but for larger, complex orders and advice, contact with sales is often desirable. Propeller supports both with digital tooling:

remote and omnichannel sales in propeller
Self-Service Portals

Customers handle simple orders and low-end services themselves in their personal self-service portal. This creates time and space for the sales organization for high value services.

Zero-touch ordering

When your customer has approved the quote, it is automatically forwarded to your suppliers and/or own warehouse. Of course, the order is also automatically processed in your ERP.

Guided selling

If your customer is not completely sure about an online purchase, you can guide him through the process as an account manager. With our digital tooling, the sales process is optimally coordinated – online, offline or hybrid.

De integrated quote editor

With Propeller, your sales and services teams have the tooling to quickly compile accurate quotes. With automated cross- and upsell suggestions.


Create quotes

With Propeller you have all the tools in one environment to quickly and accurately draw up quotations. By integrating with ERP, CRM, and systems of suppliers and/or warehouses, you have access to relevant data to be able to make a correct, competitive quote. This speeds up the process, reduces the chance of errors, and offers cross and upsell opportunities.

webshop office

Online and offline configuration

The customer makes simple configurations online. Complex products often require support from the sales organization. All this can now be done from one platform.

Also use this data as a lead generation tool.

machinery aftersales

Personalized catalog

Always offers customers relevant products from their portal. A catalog per customer, tailored to his machine park. Combine this with (re)order lists to further increase your customer’s convenience.

customer specific overview pages

Spare Parts

Until recently, ordering the right spare parts for machines was a complicated process, with a high risk of errors. With Propeller we solved this:

  • Visual Navigator Spare Parts; Images in the personalized catalog are used as navigation. By selecting a part number in the (technical) drawing, additional information is shown. This part can be added directly to the order.
  • Drill-downs; Your customers have an overview of their production lines and machines in their portal. This way they (and your after-sales employee) can look for the right part in a structured way.
visual navigator spare parts

Predictive Maintenance

The use of sensors for predictive maintenance is increasing rapidly. Propeller pairs with these sensors and automatically dispatches the correct parts before problems can arise.

predictive maintenance
Customer story

Kaak Group: After Sales Services excellence

Kaak group product
Kaak product
"With Propeller we found a platform that delivers 95% of our requirements as standard and a partner that has extensive experience with complexity." Marcus van Es E-commerce Manager
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B2B Features

Propeller is pure B2B e-commerce. That means that typical B2B functionalities are built into the core of the platform. PIM, marketing automation, customer intelligence, and CMS for B2B organizations. No plugins or add-ons.

ERP integration

For seamless order processes, real-time accurate data and rich product information Propeller integrates with al mayor ERP systems

Customer specific pricing

Creating a specific pricing plan for each customer would be a boost to customer loyalty to your store.

OCI Roundtrips

An Open Catalog Interface (OCI) allows your customers to search and order products from their ERP.

CRM integration

Connect your CRM and develop pipelines and 36o° views off your customers

Digital self-service portals

Every B2B customer gets his own portal, specific prices, own catalog. For self-service commerce, overviews, FAQ’s, returns.


Manage the translations of all product data in a well-organized manner, via classifications, descriptions and product characteristics, even units.

Payment providers

Use the payment providers that fit your needs and the needs of your customers.

Visual configuration

CPQ visualization updates in real-time as customers choose different product options.

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