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Enrich your commerce experience and accelerate with greater flexibility, better performance, and omnichannel publishing.

The front-end experience your customers deserve

With our headless architecture, the front-end experience is not dictated by the commerce platform. You can choose whichever front-end platform makes sense for you and your customers, whether that is an existing front-end design, an off-the-shelf template, or something designed entirely from scratch.


Ultimate flexibility

Headless commerce allows for greater flexibility and the ability to test new technology quickly to find the blend that creates the best possible user experience for any scenario.

You are free to use best-of-breed front-end solutions, offering lightning fast site speed, or advanced personalization, along with Propeller.

mach headless commerce

Increase your conversion rates

Headless commerce can help you to increase conversion rates in two ways:

  1. The ability to create a differentiated and more relevant user experience
  2. Headless helps you to develop content and experience-led strategies to draw in organic traffic and repeat business
headless leads to higher conversion rates

Technical flexibility and familiarity

A major benefit of headless commerce is the ability to pick and mix different platforms and technology to combine content and Propeller, creating differentiated shopping experiences.

For example, while WordPress is a popular content platform, it doesn’t work too well as a B2B e-commerce platform. With headless, this doesn’t matter as the CMS platform can be combined with a more specialized e-commerce platform.

So, you could use a CMS such as WordPress alongside Propeller to get the best of both worlds.

cms and crm with propeller
Customer story

More control on customer journey with integrated commerce platform

"I like working with Contentful because it is stable and intuitive. With Propeller I can continue to work with this CMS, even if I want to display products and prices in any desired place on the website." Sjanne de Haan Product Owner at Examenbundel.nl
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