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No more mistakes in your quotes.

With Propeller, your sales and services teams have all the tools to quickly and accurately compile quotes.


Accurate quotes and on time

With Propeller you have all the tools in one environment to quickly and accurately draw up quotations. By integrating with ERP, CRM and suppliers and/or warehouses, you have access to relevant data for a good quote. Sales simply clicks the quotation together. This speeds up the process, reduces errors and offers cross- and upsell opportunities.

Sales and e-commerce accelerate each other. Your customer approves with the push of a button in his portal, so that the quote is converted into an order. This is handled zero-touch. The endless back and forth emailing different versions to your customer is now a thing of the past. Also the erroneous orders as a result.

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Online and offline configuration

The customer performs simple configurations online. He asks your sales organization for support for complex products. All this from one platform.

Also, use the online configurator as a lead generation tool.


Sales Management

As a Sales Manager you are always in control with Propeller’s quotation tools:

  • Set up negotiation bandwidth per sales rep and/or team
  • Approve quotes based on set rules
  • You always have an overview of open offers
  • With version management, you immediately bring up a previous version
  • Advise sales reps about discounts and cross- and upsell opportunities
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Convenience for your customer

Your customers will also benefit from Propeller’s integrated quotation tools. Because Sales works with the same data as E-commerce, there is never ambiguity about the agreed prices. Quotations are always in line with the agreements. It is no longer necessary to email back and forth with different versions, the current version is always available in the customer’s portal.

  • Your customer approves your quote by simply clicking on the ‘order button’.
  • After an initial quote / configuration, your customer can easily reorder the same items
  • The quotation process is faster, the processing of the order also through zero-touch ordering
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CRM and ERP integration for the perfect flows

When Propeller is connected to your CRM and/or ERP systems, you ensure an error-free, seamless and fast quotation and sales process. Some examples:

  • Automatically create an opportunity in your CRM when creating a quote
  • Get real-time pricing and product information from your ERP
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E-commerce Features

Propeller makes it easy for your Sales team and your customers with these quotation features.

Sales Management

Approve quotes, have an overview of open quotes, set rules


Create quotes in minutes from online or offline requests using customer catalogs, pricing, and order history.

Visual configuration

CPQ visualization updates in real-time as customers choose different product options.

Cross- and Upselling

Present accessories, add-ons, and extra’s in your pages, emails, and quotes automatically

ERP, CRM en Finance integration

Complete workflows for an error-free and fast quotation process

Version control

Collaborate with customers and colleagues to configure their orders and go back to a previous version if needed.

One-Click Reorders

Let customers make repeat and recurring orders in seconds using purchase history.

Customer Accounts

Give customers one place to access all information and set their own roles, budgets, and permissions

Customer story

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“Propeller is a partner who has helped us with the complete digitization of our sales and marketing organization. More than just e-commerce ”
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