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Propeller Commerce Modules

Propeller is the heart of your commercial ecosystem and provides the tools for sales and e-commerce to accelerate your business.

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Propeller is at the heart of your commercial ecosystem, equipping your sales and e-commerce professionals with the right tools to accelerate your business. Propeller consists of different modules, each with its own unique features.

We bring relevant data from all sales channels (online, remote and in-person) together in one user-friendly platform. Your customers expect a seamless omnichannel sales experience.

Our platform ensures that not only your e-commerce professionals but also your sales team can do their job optimally.

Sales is digitally supported in Propeller as much as possible with, among other things, the modules PIM (Product Information Management), Order Manager, Pricing and Quotation Editor. Marketing offers each target group its own experience with the E-commerce module, thanks to our headless commerce platform.

Sales and Marketing also work with the same modules, such as Campaign Manager and Customer Intelligence. With these modules, both disciplines get to know customers thoroughly and can better anticipate what they need. By supporting all sales channels from one platform, the silos between marketing and sales can finally be broken. This way you improve the customer experience, increase conversion and loyalty and easily run personalized campaigns.

Propeller is the first commerce platform that not only makes the customer, but also sales & marketing happy.


PIM; Provide your customers every detail they need

B2B Customers expect the same level of service and information as they get at Amazon or Zalando.

To provide your customers with complete, rich product information you can manage all your product information within the Propeller PIM. Think product descriptions, unlimited attributes, colors, dimensions, images, instruction videos, and manuals.

  • Automated or manually enriched product content
  • Configurable and/or compound products
  • Integrated with ERP and your suppliers
pim module by propeller

Campaign Manager

The integrated Campaign Manager of Propeller empowers both sales reps and marketers to create campaigns on a large scale or micro sales campaigns targeted to a smaller audience.

Based on triggers and/or customer data, every customer gets a personalized, highly targeted offer. Automatically based on the conditions you agreed upon with these customers.

  • Create micro sales campaigns and/or large marketing campaigns
  • Personalize, automate and make use of all the data in Propeller
  • Analyze, improve and convert
Campaign manager flow

B2B and D2C commerce features

Create a self-service commerce website, specific customer portals, and wholesale platforms. Propeller is the right fit for mid-market and enterprise customers, whether you are new to e-commerce, looking to upgrade your current commerce capabilities or fully digitize your whole sales organization.

Delight your customers with a relevant, personalized, and consistent buying experience across all sales channels.

e-commerce module by propeller


You need different pricing options for your B2B customers than for B2C customers. Propeller offers you all the tools to tailor prices exactly to your target groups.

Based on rules you have drawn up, you set prices for your customers, customer groups, departments, and special promotions.

pricing module by propeller


With Propeller you have all the tools in one environment to quickly and accurately draw up quotations. By integrating with ERP, CRM and suppliers and/or warehouses, you have access to relevant data for a good quote. Sales simply clicks the quotation together.

This speeds up the process, reduces errors and offers cross- and upsell opportunities.

quotation-sales-commerce by propeller

Customer Intelligence

Every search and click, every price list and quotation, everything you have agreed and offered, what the customer buys and does not buy, all emails and contacts, in one clear screen.

By placing emphasis on the customer and their data, you can:

  • Personalize and improve their customer experience
  • Which will inevitably increase conversion rates, loyalty, and retention.

Combine website behavioral data with characteristics of your contacts.

customer intelligence module by propeller

Order Manager

Propeller’s Order Manager takes a lot of work off your hands. By digitizing and automating many processes, we ensure that orders are processed quickly and error-free. This frees up your sales team to spend on sales.

less manual processes

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