Visual Navigator Spare Parts: No more losing customers during the ordering process

Jul 14th, 2021
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    A commerce platform with an integrated solution for ordering spare parts quickly and easily, with minimal risk of errors. Who would not want that? With Visual Navigator Spare Parts, embedded in Propeller’s B2B platform, this becomes reality. In this blog we explain how it works.

    Ordering spare parts for machines is often a time-consuming process with a lot of administrative hassle for both your customers and your own office staff. Moreover, this is often accompanied by errors, both in the order and in the processing. Result: loss of time, extra actions to straighten things out, such as returns and perhaps most importantly: irritated customers and an overloaded sales department at the supplier.

    Visual Navigator Spare Parts puts an end to this. This spare parts ordering solution comes standard in Propeller’s Commerce platform. The tool presents spare parts clearly, so that your customers can find and order their spare parts quickly and easily. This is done through visual identification of the correct part. The Visual Navigator for spare parts offers many advantages, such as keeping the assortment up-to-date, reducing order errors and making returns go more smoothly. This increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.


    How exactly does the Visual Navigator Spare Parts work?

    The integrated module allows you to import technical drawings and spare parts lists from manuals and catalogues. First of all, you create a set-up. You organize items into folders and add order information in any desired language, as well as manuals, images and videos. No technical knowledge is required for this.

    We then import your catalog into a user-friendly online ordering environment. This is largely an automated process. The tool automatically analyzes your drawings and parts lists and converts everything so that Propeller can use the data in its search index and e-commerce functions. In addition, the platform is integrated with your ERP system, so that everything is always up-to-date.

    Finally, we ensure that orders can be made from exploded views (technical drawings). The exploded views of your catalog are used as navigation. Customers who want to order a specific part simply need to click on a part number in the drawing. Then additional information appears and the selected part can be added to the order with one click.

    spare parts screen

    Key Benefits of Visual Navigator

    You can import and update thousands of spare parts within hours. In their own portal, customers only see the machines that are on their work floor, so they cannot accidentally order parts for other types of machines. You can then visually navigate very quickly to the part that you want to have replaced.

    The so-called hovering over interactive technical drawings ensures that the person who has to order a spare part knows 99.9% sure that he or she is ordering the correct part. The use of interactive visualisations also reduces misunderstandings due to language problems during cross-border deliveries. The chance of errors is thus drastically reduced and customer satisfaction increases.

    Orders are processed automatically, and customers always have an overview of the ordering and invoicing process in their personal, secure customer portal. The almost completely digitized ordering process and the maximum transparency removes a lot of questions on the customer side, which significantly relieves your office staff.

    From now on, it can better focus on delivering added value: advising and helping customers with large and complex orders. That way you no longer lose customers during the ordering process and you become the preferred supplier for your customers.

    Spare parts one

    Useful Features

    B2B commerce is really different from selling to consumers. That’s why Propeller has all the B2B features you need built into the core of the platform. For example, create a positive and personal website experience by displaying different catalogs depending on your customer groups.

    Personalize your catalogs for each specific company or business unit. Or make personal price agreements with each customer via the platform or respond to specific needs, so that loyalty gets a boost. Use your customers’ order history and behavior to match your offers automatically and dynamically. Discover patterns in customer behavior and build profiles.

    Experiment with campaigns and optimize your conversion. Any previous order can also be reordered quickly and easily with just a few clicks. In addition, it is possible to manage multiple commerce stores from one admin panel, regardless of which country you are active in, which currency is paid, which language is spoken or which rules apply.

    Got interested? Provide us with a technical drawing and material list and we will be happy to visit you for a customized demo.

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