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Sales and E-commerce integration at Service Best International

Service Best International wants to provide better service to their resellers, increase turnover and work more efficiently; Seamless B2B Buying

“With Propeller, we achieve greater customer satisfaction, while generating more revenue by making the sales team work very effectively. ”


SBI wanted to offer its customers a better digital experience. At the same time, they had the same ambition for their sales team. Where account managers often went to the customer to collect orders, SBI wanted to achieve higher productivity and higher customer satisfaction by often meeting the customer digitally.

The Result

A digital commerce platform has been chosen. In addition to advanced B2B e-commerce functionalities, digital tooling should provide the sales force with the ability to interact with customers with readily available customer data. Achieves higher up and cross-sell targets. In addition to more effective marketing and sales campaigns.

Sales Remote
E-commerce Extended

Used features

Digital self-service portals

Every B2B customer gets his own portal, specific prices, own catalog. For self-service commerce, overviews, FAQ’s, returns.

ERP integration

For seamless order processes, real-time accurate data and rich product information Propeller integrates with al mayor ERP systems

Customer specific pricing

Creating a specific pricing plan for each customer would be a boost to customer loyalty to your store.

Tier pricing

Create unique tier pricing for each customer that automatically adjusts to the quantity or combination of products.

Cross- and Upselling

Present accessories, add-ons, and extra’s in your pages, emails, and quotes automatically

One-Click Reorders

Let customers make repeat and recurring orders in seconds using purchase history.

Personalized Catalogs

Display products based on customer preference, business unit, purchase history, availability, and more.


Make your communication personal. Leverage the data in Propeller to create unique experiences. On scale.


  • A platform for e-commerce and digitization of quotation processes
  • Customer satisfaction and working more efficiently are central;
  • An end-to-end digital landscape is personally developed
  • Consistent customer data in ERP, CRM and Digital Commerce platform

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About Service Best International

Service Best International was founded in 1954 as a wholesaler of car, bicycle, motorcycle, and truck accessories and has grown over the years into an internationally operating company, reaching thousands of customers all over the world.

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Car-, Bike-, Motor-, and Truck accessoiries


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