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Contentful works seamlessly with Propeller

Propeller offers complete freedom for marketers with Contentful as headless CMS. We easily connect with an API with Contentful and all your other systems to let all your processes work together flawlessly in one platform.


Create content once and use it on multiple channels

With the API connection with Contentful, you and your team quickly assemble content for all your channels. Combined with the commerce power of Propeller, you can now serve tailor-made content for all your target groups.

Remove content silos because everything works together seamlessly and in real-time. Use the possibilities of a headless CMS to efficiently reach your customers across multiple touchpoints.

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Maximum freedom with Contentful as your CMS

Multiple front-ends

Propeller’s headless commerce platform makes it easy to create multiple front-ends. Create a specific B2B shop, a separate webshop for consumers and/or shops focused on one brand.
With our headless architecture, you have complete freedom to connect any front-end you want. For example, you can choose to sell directly via Google Shopping, Instagram, or Facebook, to apply augmented reality, or to develop voice-controlled interfaces. Don’t miss a single customer touchpoint!

You maintain all your channels from one Propeller e-commerce back-end. International, multi-brand, B2B, D2C, or B2C.

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Propeller & Contentful

Propeller has built all B2B features into the core of the platform. These features are all available to you when you use Contentful as a CMS.

Customizable interface

Tailored for maximum productivity: Easy to use and fully customizable UX.


Easily schedule and publish your content in multiple languages and in different time zones.

Cloud governance

Easily manage users with roles and permissions with the user management API.

Content modeling

Structure content for each channel: Create custom content types for all of your channels and choose individual fields.

Customer story

More control on customer journey with integrated commerce platform

"I like working with Contentful because it is stable and intuitive. With Propeller I can continue to work with this CMS, even if I want to display products and prices in any desired place on the website." Sjanne de Haan Product Owner at
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Propeller connects with all relevant systems (internal and external)

A truly successful B2B Commerce platform is the center of your ecosystem. Propeller connects to almost any relevant system. Whether it is your ERP, your warehouse or systems of your suppliers, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) or marketplaces.

Propeller is built to handle the complexity of integrations and automates manual processes. So that everything works streamlined and error-free.

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