The power of a commerce platform with an embedded CPQ tool

Jul 23rd, 2021
embedded CPQ-tool and commerce by propeller
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    A B2B Commerce platform with an embedded CPQ tool offers great benefits for both your sales department and your customers. Never switch between systems again if you want to quickly and easily configure machines, make a quotation or make a personal price agreement. It offers high-quality self-service for your customers, while your office staff is relieved.

    Propeller’s B2B Commerce platform includes an integrated Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) tool. In this way, you enable your customers, partners, and sales team to offer complex product configurations, optimized prices, and good-looking quotations. No more fiddling with different tools or systems and because of the integrations with all your relevant systems (both internal and external) you always have the most up-to-date data. Whether it concerns your ERP, CRM, stock system of your warehouse or systems of your suppliers, Payment Service Providers (PSPs), or marketplaces.

    The biggest advantage of an embedded CPQ solution for your customers is that they have a more pleasant customer experience. They can configure their machines, hardware, or other products in their own portal to meet their specific needs. If they need advice or support, they can easily contact your sales professionals via the platform. This saves time, mistakes, and confusion and ensures that your customers are in control.

    Moreover, (potential) customers can use the tool to get an impression of a product: what can the product do, what are the options, and how much does it cost? If interested, they can discuss the details with your sales department. So basically this is a form of lead generation. People who get in touch with you in this way are genuinely interested. These are also known as ‘warm leads’.

    Accelerate your sales

    Another advantage is that with the embedded CPQ tool you can also speed things up later in the sales process. This reduces the time from lead to order. Configurations are faster and often error-free with not only less confusion between the customer and sales but also between different departments within your organization. Moreover, thanks to the integrated tool and integrations with your most important systems, your prices and quotations are always correct and based on customer-specific agreements that you may have made.

    With the embedded CPQ tool, you can easily create professional, personalized quotes and make them quickly and easily available in your customer’s self-service Portal. Customers only have to press the button when they want to order, after which the ordering process is automatically started. If customers have questions about the ordering process, delivery time, or invoicing, they can easily find it in their own portal. This greatly relieves your office staff.

    embedded cpq tool

    Fewer warranty claims

    With an embedded CPQ module, you also reduce the chance of errors in the end product. This prevents possible warranty claims and increases customer satisfaction. Customers see real-time customizations of the selected options for each product in the Visual Configuration feature.

    With the version management feature, you work together with customers and colleagues to configure orders and – if necessary – go back to a previous version. Save your work to come back later – when it suits you, or your client – to continue? No problem! It is also very easy for administrators to define rules for each product.

    Customized offers

    Customers see their price agreements directly in your configuration. Propeller automatically generates prices for each product variant, whether it is based on standard items or on selected options. You can use your customers’ order history and behavior to automatically and dynamically match your offers. Making personal price agreements with each customer boosts customer loyalty. You can easily arrange this via our platform.

    Because there is integration with all major ERP systems, you ensure seamless ordering processes, real-time accurate data, and extensive product information. Each B2B customer gets its own portal, with specific prices and its own catalog. Useful for self-service commerce, real-time overviews, FAQs, and returns.

    We use the embedded solution from Quootz by default. But if you prefer to work with another CPQ tool, we will integrate it into your Propeller environment. We ensure that everything works streamlined and error-free.

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