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Propeller ecommerce met Exact integration

We connect our Propeller commerce platform to the Exact software. This allows you to work more efficiently and accurately in the field of invoicing, orders, stock management, planning, and production.

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Exact Online \ Globe & Propeller

Product information that is always synchronized with your accounting, automatically updated customer data in Exact Online or Globe and orders that simply enter your ERP.

The Exact Online integration with Propeller takes care of it.

Low code integration platform

With the Propeller-Exact integration, you have full control over the number of API calls with Exact. This is important because Exact sets a maximum for the number of API calls allowed.

Thanks to our low code integration platform, we can limit the number of API calls in various ways. For example, by processing similar actions in one call or by recognizing new mutations with webhooks.
With the visual monitoring and reporting tools in this integration platform, we are always able to optimize this process.

API retailer
automatic order retailer

Integration customers

Thanks to the Propeller webshop integration with Exact Online you always have an up-to-date customer relationship file. Always up-to-date or only when the customer orders something.

Integration products

The Exact Online  integration refreshes your complete catalog one or more times a day and delivers it – according to the strict requirements of Exact Online – to your accounting package.

Integration orders

With a simple action you send the complete order from Propeller to your Exact Online ERP. From your own warehouse or through your supplier.

Integration invoices

You can do your accounting in Exact Online. Thanks to the integration, the order becomes available as a sales invoice in Exact Online as soon as the customer has placed the order in the webshop

A Exact Online integration with your webshop ensures flexible entrepreneurship

Propeller automatically and real-time exchanges data from the webshop with your Exact Online package. By bundling these two packages you enjoy the best of both worlds. The commercial strength of Propeller and the financial strength of Exact Online.

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Customer story

Aras Security

We helped Aras with digitization by developing a transparent portal in which Aras can inform and make offers in a very targeted manner thanks to always up-to-date information from the Exact ERP system. It offers added value by professionally presenting Aras rich catalog, making it searchable and browsable, but above all make it “specificational”.

Aras Security site
Customers can do whatever they want with Propeller's platform. That is what makes our collaboration so strong. Julius Faber Commercieel directeur Aras

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