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More conversion and happier customers at !Petdirect

160 years of expertise and service had to be taken to the next level on the digital network. The webshop had to be distinctive, but also show the down-to-earth, solution-oriented genes of !Petdirect.

"The cooperation, involvement and professionalism of the team were very pleasant for us during the process. Propeller takes ownership of their deliveries." Dennis Wiemann E-commerce manager
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The challenge

For !Petdirect “integrations” was the magic word when looking for a new partner to built their webshop. They wanted a digital revolution by getting a fresh looking webshop with a lot of integrations to marketplaces and distributors. The website had to be able to handle the amount of products and customers 24/7.

The solution

Solvency and continuity are very importance for !Petdirect. In their search for the best integrations they ended up with Propellor. Connections with marketplaces such as and Google Shopping and delivery services such as DPD provide the service in which !Petdirect excels. A hypermodern basis that made it possible for !Petdirect to uplift their entire online business. The result? More conversion and happy customers.

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Petdirect mobile
Marketplace Integrations
Distributors Integrations
ERP Integration

Used features and services

ERP integration

For seamless order processes, real-time accurate data and rich product information Propeller integrates with al mayor ERP systems

Customer specific pricing

Creating a specific pricing plan for each customer would be a boost to customer loyalty to your store.

Tier pricing

Create unique tier pricing for each customer that automatically adjusts to the quantity or combination of products.

Payment providers

Use the payment providers that fit your needs and the needs of your customers.


  • The platform connects to marketplaces such as and Google Shopping.
  • In addition, we have connected parcel services such as DPD.
  • And there is a link with Twinfield.
  • !petdirect can invoice automatically from the system.
  • The platform can easily handle the 5 million+ turnover.

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About !Petdirect

Business supplies with a royal edge. !Petdirect, purveyor to the court since 2007, is packed with knowledge about office supplies and is, therefore, one of the top 5 in the industry.


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