Railtech's unique proposition in a transparent portal

Railtech is a strong specialist. Real craftsmen and a partner who is much more than just a supplier. Partly thanks to the Propeller platform, the company has grown into the online specialist in the field of overhead contact line systems.

"Customers can request information, ask for quotes, place orders. Propeller is the complete picture." Dick Hartman CEO

The challenge

The new Railtech website had to become a handy tool that offers added value, a portal that helps customers in their work. Completely in line with Railtech’s motto:

Service is not a department, but a mindset.

The solution

We helped Railtech with digitization by developing a transparent portal in which Railtech can inform and make offers in a very targeted manner thanks to always up-to-date information from the Exact ERP system. It offers added value by professionally presenting Railtech’s rich catalog, making it searchable and browsable, but above all making it “orderable”.

Railtech customers can use the website to compile, download and print an order list into one complete document with products, including images, descriptions and the accompanying certificates, all available manuals and / or maintenance instructions. The customer can download the order list as a PDF for information, as a (quotation) request or as a memorandum.

Railtech website desktop
Railtech website mobile
B2B portals Personalization
Real time Order information
Exact (ERP) Integration

Used features and services

ERP integration

For seamless order processes, real-time accurate data and rich product information Propeller integrates with al mayor ERP systems

Customer specific pricing

Creating a specific pricing plan for each customer would be a boost to customer loyalty to your store.

Tier pricing

Create unique tier pricing for each customer that automatically adjusts to the quantity or combination of products.

Payment providers

Use the payment providers that fit your needs and the needs of your customers.


  • A fresh, informative website as a showcase for the company
  • And a login to the personal portal that provides access to Railtech’s extensive catalog
  • It provides current information through a link with the Exact ERP system
  • And in which customers can search, browse, create lists and submit those for quotations.

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About Railtech

Railtech is a specialist in overhead lines. The company supplies all necessary parts for the overhead lines of trams, trolleybuses, metros and trains. This can be new or used, overhauled or fabricated to order, semi-finished or in parts. The company draws from an enormous stock and can – if necessary – deliver anywhere in the Benelux within 24 hours.

Railtech goes beyond delivering boxes to the right place and at the right time. If necessary, Railtech thinks, draws and cooperates in the development of a project. The company therefore delivers more than a product or service, it stands for maximum service.


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