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Get Sales &
E-commerce up to speed as one team.

Propeller changes how B2B and D2C commerce is done. We bring online and offline sales together in a cloud-based platform to drive revenue, reduce errors and build lasting relations. Get ready for a new commerce experience that accelerates your business.


Headless Commerce: the first platform that makes both marketeers and developers happy

Until recently, developers and marketeers were often at odds when selecting a B2B platform. If you opted for high-end technology on the back end, marketeers often complained about a spartan CMS they had to work with. And the fancy CMS they knew from the B2C market did not work well with the complex back end in the B2B segment.

With Headless Commerce, those two sides are disconnected and linked via an API, allowing B2B customers to have a B2C experience as well. Best-of-breed of both, flexible and stable.

Happy marketeer, happy developer, happy dealer, happy customer.

cms and crm with propeller

Your platform is one of a kind

The core of your platform consists of solid B2B functions who just do their job. We will configure your unique added value upon this foundation. Integrations with ERP, PSP’s, suppliers, third party tools, market places.


Integrating your ERP system gives customers direct insight into the correct price lists and real-time stocks. Everything to allow your customer to order quickly and error-free.


10 or 1.000.000 products. Seamless consolidated to one catalog. With enriched content. Automatically.

Market places

Propeller is a hub en gives you access to all kinds of market places


Propeller integrates with the most widely used Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) systems. Use customer data for personalized campaigns and quotes.

Customer story

ARAS Security; Digital Self-service Portals

Aras Mockup
aras security propeller commerce
“Customers can now order directly from their own ERP system on our website, the ideal way of least resistance” Julius Faber Commercial Director
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